A list of desktop improvements that are needed

Hi All,

I am hopping to gather a list of improvements that are needed to the desktop in future versions of Windows 8. Hopefully Windows 8.1 will implement some of these features.

It seems that Microsoft has invested most of its resources towards Metro style apps while forgetting that most desktop/laptop users rely only on the desktop. While I love the fact that there is the Metro interface that I can use on a touch laptop/tablet, most of my computing happens on the desktop. Is a programmer/developer/heavy user going to use a Metro app, of course not.

Thus Microsoft can't ignore and must continue to improve the desktop and unify the desktop's design.

Here are some features that need to be implemented (most of them relate to UI):

-Better scaling for high DPI screens.

-Metro like icons. The current icon set is a proper mess. Some icons haven't been updated in a decade. There is no excuse for this. Hiring a designer to update the icons isn't the most difficult thing, why MS hasn't don't this in the current Windows implementation is beyond reason.

-Better animations If I minimize a window an animation initiates. If I maximize a window from a task bar an animation initiates. However, if I maximize a window that I am currently using no animation. This is very inconsistent

-Selection rectangle from a decade ago still shows up randomly around icons and everything else. See this 238k85_medium

-Improve fonts. Font handling has always been subpar on the Desktop compared to GNU/Linux and Mac OSX. I'm not sure if it's due to the hinting or anti aliasing but MS needs to do something about this.

-A better command prompt/ power shell console. This really bothers me. No tabs, no customization features, no nothing. We need a better terminal and command line tools.

-Show total folder size in the Windows Explorer detailed view. Currently size only shows the size of files not folder sizes. Why? No clue.

-Re sizing a window in the file explorer results in a flashing black area in the upper right of the window near the search area. This also shows up when maximizing a window in the file explorer

Please post your suggestions for improving the desktop