It's official now, the greatest Star Trek Director/Creative Force is...

Nicholas Meyer

I really really enjoyed the star trek reboot, and I enjoyed star trek into darkness as well. But when I look back on all the star trek films I have seen, the two shining beacons of GREATNESS remain Star Trek II and VI. Nicholas Meyer was heavily involved in both as Director.

EVERYTHING about those movies was damn near perfect right down to the choice of score, which Nicholas Meyer cared about a great deal. HE was the one who got James Horner to do his best work in The Wrath of Kahn (yeah, that was far more award worthy than that fluff piece titanic - such a popularity contest), and HE was the one that took a chance on Cliff Eidelman who created his Georges Bizet like masterpiece score for ST VI (unfortunately, nothing else came close to that work for him, but it was so fantastic it does not matter).

The stories were gripping and compelling, and in the case of VI had more to say about the larger world than the modern star treks (star trek VI had themes of winding down the mistrust of the cold war between two old enemies - the parallels with praxis exploding and crippling the klingon empire and the fall of the soviet union were clear). THAT was the difference between the great star treks and star wars. It was more than pure adventure at times, and that seems to have been completely lost recently.

I wish more people knew about Meyers contributions, he was the greatest creative force in all the star trek movies, not J.J.

Now everyone, go watch star trek VI the undiscovered country.