Is This An HSPA+ Nexus 10?

During all the hubbub that was the Google I/O keynote, Google released a promo video showing off its Hangout service.

In that 90 second clip (which features an actor ridiculously holding the Nexus 4 upside down) there is a scene about one minute in of that same actor picking up what looks like to be a Nexus 10 and when it transitions to the device's screen, we're greeted with an HSPA+ icon in the top right corner.

While it should be noted that the clip also features a Nexus 7 with an LED notification light (perhaps next N7?) it could simply be a case of a marketing company that has no idea how their client's (in this case, Google's) devices work.


Google themselves could be trolling us all and teasing upcoming devices.

Check out the pic and clip below.