Android amazes me

I want to make sure this IS NOT a sarcastic post.

Android and iOS have their pros and cons.

Android has been known for its lagginess, but with the recent release of Jelly Bean this problem seemed to disappear.

But I have already used a lot of my friends' GS3s with Jelly Bean that are noticeably laggy in even the most basic tasks. There were only a minor number of customisations done, and only a handful of third party apps. It seemed like the phones slowed down significantly as time passed. Some more, the GS3s that I tried were quite new. In contrast, my iPhone 5 has never lagged a single nanosecond since I bought in 5 months ago. (no exaggeration here)

Yes, for most consumers, they do not really care about how smooth their phones are.

Still, if you consider the fact that GS3 has a 1.4Ghz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM(the ones that I tried), the inefficiency of Android just amazes me.

It also reminds me that we take iOS for granted. It's not that iOS gives you less features( no background tasks) for optimal performance. It's that iOS gets rid of all the shit that will easily spoil your experience.

Again, take note that I am not saying that iOS is better than Android.