Where Google needs to go from here, after I/O

OK, so I/O was great, at least from a developer aspect. Lots of new APIs, huge update to Google Play Services, Android Studio...it's all good. But I've been thinking: where do Google need to go now? What do they need to do next? I've got a few ideas, but I'm sure I haven't exhausted this, so I'd appreciate your suggestions too.

1. Google Play Services coming to Chrome/OS

This is a big one. It needs to happen at some point; it'll help make Chrome into a viable platform among consumers (and probably a lot of users here on The Verge). It also means the Chrome Web Store would need to be merged with the Google Play Store; a Chrome apps section in the Store would be great. I stress that I'd only like to see packaged apps in that section though.

2. Keep improving Gmail

As a service, Gmail is great. But Outlook is catching up very fast, and I think Gmail needs to take a leap in order to stay ahead. The Wallet integration is great, even if it US only - it should stop people using PayPal and other services. But Gmail needs new features, in order to make you more productive. Yesterday, I received a very nice email from a friend. I didn't want to reply, as it didn't warrant one, but imagine if I could have 'liked' (to use the Facebook terminology) that email to show my friend I'd seen it. In short, Google needs to make email/Gmail more like a social network and less like email.

Another thing I'd like to see in Gmail is real integration with Google+. Google+ is a viable platform; Google need to build on that. I'd like to see Circles replacing Google Contacts (and in turn, things like the People app on Android), and it having an automatic circle for contacts that you have in your Contacts. Not everyone is on Google+ - my aunt and uncle aren't, for example, but they have email. This means you could do some cool stuff - email a circle, mute a circle, block a circle. Could also share to a circle on Google Drive, or share music with a circle over Google Play Music.

3. Push Chrome packaged apps very hard

As with Play Services, Chrome packaged apps should help make it viable platform. Thing is, Google seem to be rather half hearted about it, at least from a product, shipping perspective - and I say that as a huge Chrome fan and a packaged app developer. We need packaged apps like Google Play (which will hopefully happen if/when (let's hope it's when) Play Services comes to Chrome), Gmail, and an offline Google Docs editor, which uploads to Google Drive when there's internet. In addition, developers need to make apps that provide functional things, like advanced photo editing (think Pixlr, but written in modern web languages, not flash) or a full development environment built for Chrome. That'll only happen if Google push packaged apps though. There are quite a few sessions at I/O about packaged apps, which I'm glad about. Android Studio built for Chrome/the web would also be amazing. I'm guessing compiling could be turn in the cloud, as I believe Chrome OS cannot compile code.

4. Do something with Motorola

This is probably coming, so I won't go on about this one. But it needs to happen in the next year to 18 months. I want to see Moto turning a profit.

5. Build apps for Windows Phone/8/RT

This'll be controversial, but I firmly believe it needs to happen. Even if Google's motto isn't 'don't be evil' any more, they need to release apps like Gmail and Google+ for the Microsoft platforms, just to stop the bad press they're getting. I'm pretty sure Windows Phone can become a viable platform, and if/when it does, Google need to be there.

There's a host of other, smaller things I'd like to see, including:

Make Keep into something awesome

Keep advancing Search

Make a no-costs-spared Nexus, as well as a 'budget' (same as the Nexus 4) Nexus. The Galaxy S4 thing is good, but it's not a Nexus: it's a Google Experience Device.

Drastically improve Chrome for Android

Your turn. What would you like to see Google do next?