Is this cnet review editor out of line?

cnet article by David Carnoy


2.5 year old iPod Touch 3rd gen, out of warranty.

He gave the iPT to 9 year old, who gave it to twin 4 year olds

The 4 year olds manage to lock the device up for 42 years with failed attempts to unlock IPT

Review editor can't get it into DFU mode

Took to Apple store, they can't fix it because the home button is wearing out, can't get into DFU mode, they offer to replace it for less than retail, since it's out of warranty, he loses his cool.

He takes iPT home, mashes the hell out of the home button, gets device into DFU mode, restores device

He posts story about how the Apple store has changed and is not as consumer friendly as in the past.

I just can't get on board with his rant, his home button is obviously wearing out, his device is out of warranty, and he abused his position as an editor ranting about poor service for a device that's 1.5 years out of warranty.

I can't imagine one of the verge staff posting this kind of rant, I suspect they'd get shouted down by their peers, or the author's supervising editor would thumbs down the article. Carnoy_sm_medium