Google Knowledge Graph

We need to rename this forum to something more about Google given how it is its own ecosystem now, but I digress.Onto my point...

I am highly impressed with Google's Knowledge Graph. A quick swipe up on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 and I'm greeted with Google Now, where i can ask questions about a wide ranging variety of topics and get a card that has the exact info I'm looking for. For example, I just ask "When does Thor 2 come out?" and boom, a card pops up, shows me November 8, 2013 (USA) and the actual title (Thor: The Dark World).

Obviously, this is a very basic example, but it works across so many things both on the web and my personal calendar and the like. What I want to see it do is continue to evolve (as I'm sure it will). One instance - I asked when it was cherry season and I was presented with various links; instead, I'd rather have Google serve me up a card that shows a quick summary of what these links say (e.g. the summer months or June, July and August). I have no doubt this is coming, but it's incredibly powerful in its current state.

And as a side note, I'm happy to see Google Now on iPhones/iOS. It's only going to improve Google's services. For those worried about Privacy - the things that I want to keep private are still very private, and I have nothing to really hide. Perhaps my life is boring, but regardless, just another side note.