Ludum Dare anyone?

Ludum Dare - the game developing competition where the goal is to make a game in 48h to a given theme - is starting to get some real momentum. In the latest, 26th edition there where over 2300 entries world-wide. Some of the submitted games are really good and get a full-scale release later on, like Evoland did recently. Even Minecrafts' Notch is a regular contestant since 2008!

Yet, the competition itself gets little media attention, which really is a shame. I've taken part for the first time during the latest dare two weeks ago and the experience is phenomenal! It's an excellent motivation to learn new skills, and a great way to test yourself to the limit! Especially since the strict rules require you to make your own graphics, music and even sound effects in your game. For your viewing pleasure, we've put together a clip showing how the 48 hours of crazy coding looked like at our office, when the seven of us took part:

Ludum Dare 26 at Blue Brick from exclamationMark on Vimeo.

I'd really love to see Ludum Dare grow,and strongly recommend giving it a try. Do you guys think the contest is not so widely recognised because it sounds geeky and like a waste of a weekend, or would you like to give it a try in the next round in August?