Microserfs: a weekly community thread- Xbox predictions! (May 17 - 23)

Microserfs, a throwback to the Tribe's original name, is a weekly thread dedicated to discussing all things Microsoft, whether it be a retrospective thought, a current event, or future looking predictions. So stop by, join the conversation, and please remember, as always, to keep it clean and to not feed the trolls.


Hello everyone!

Polygon has Polynauts, the Lens has its weekly photo critiques, and now the Microsoft Tribe has its own community within a community. The Tribe is a great place to discuss everything Microsoft, but as The Verge grows, so does its readership. In a crowded and constantly growing forum, I felt that a place for the die-hard Microsoft fans to call home was necessary.

Each week I will be publishing a post posing questions, making predictions, or sharing new information, and it will (hopefully!) serve as a way to centralize the greater conversation about all things Microsoft here on The Verge.

So here we go.


Week #1: Pretty simple: what are you all expecting we'll see at Tuesday's Xbox unveiling? A set top box? An Xbox branded Surface? Will they actually show the hardware? ;)


Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the idea of Microserfs as a weekly thread and share your predictions for Tuesday's big event!