Are there any decent qwerty android devices anymore?

I really like QWERTY keyboards. Around this time last year I bought a Quantum c900 for $80 and used it for a while - it's still my backup phone but had a lot of issues that caused me to retire it for a newish MyTouch Q [first generation] for the same $80. This was stolen two months after, so I switched again, to a Galaxy Nexus.

I own and kind of like the NExus a lot ... except for the camera. And, most importantly, the lack of keyboard. The MyTouch Q that I had was underpowered. I would get something like the Kyocera Rise but it seems to only be available on Virgin mobile's network, and their reception and etc. is frankly awful here. I've looked for keyboard cases but they seem to not exist, and I'd rather not carry a second bluetooth keyboard around for my phone.

Bluntly: Are there any other choices that I'm somehow overlooking that are a decent phone [not amazingly fast, just decent] with a QWERTY keyboard? Or am I going to have to eventually flee Android for the Q10, paying several hundred dollars more than I'd like and having a portrait instead of landscape keyboard? I've had this phone for six months, and the more I use it, the more annoying it is to not be able to choose my words exactly.