do windows trackpads suck because of windows?

Do the trackpads on windows suck because the trackpads are bad, or do they simply suck because of windows? now this isnt a hate post i promise its a genuine question, i have 2 HP pavilion G6's , one with a new pentium and another with an AMD APU (my prefered version) now with windows 7 on both these laptops, 2 finger scrolling is kinda smoothish, pinch to zoom is just janky as hell, other gestures like 3 finger swipe to go backwards etc are incredibly hit and miss, but they are there.

but i have 2 USB thumb drives, one has ChromiumOS by Hexxeh on it, and the Other with Ubuntu 13.04, and booting both Laptops from the USB the trackpads became drastically smoother at 2 finger scrolling and pinch to zooling, pinch to zoom wasnt enabled out of the box for ubuntu but i got it in after a bit of googling, and chromiumOS i couldnt get pinch to zoom at all, but 2 finger scrollling was crazy smooth , sam with 2 finger tap to right click etc.

so im just asking, does anyone else have this same experience or is this an anomaly?

please feel free to post your experiences, i didnt know whether to post this in microsoft forums or the linux one or the PC one, so im doing it in all 3