Redesigned Play Books

So the recently redesigned Play Books finally makes reading your own books without buying anything a possibility pretty much eliminating the need to go looking for an epub reader.

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My initial impression after experimenting with the redesigned Play Books was pretty positive but I didn't like the way it stops dead to load pages from the cloud every few page turns and it takes a fairly long time doing it, that on it's own made me realise just how inadequate the cloud actually is for storing media, ebooks are small files and the downloading was taking longer than my e-ink reader to turn pages.

Of course you can pin the books to the device and read them and that works very well but that in effect is just storing them locally, it's also a lot more hassle uploading individuals files than making a books folder and filling it up I would have preferred it to find books already on the device and if necessary upload them in the background.

Despite my negative view of the cloud I like the new Play Books and the improvements Google has made, it's a good addition that you can upload your own epubs now and hardly anyone is likely to need the full thousand allowed.

I think this app does a good job of showing both the weaknesses and strengths of the cloud the main strength being syncing reading positions which is where the cloud shines in my opinion, the only real negative is if you don't pin the book you are going to have a frustrating experience and the library could be tricky to browse if you have more than a few books.

My overall impression is Play Books is a very good improvement and I can see most people being quite happy with it but I won't be using it much personally, to me something like "Mantano Ebook Reader" is a better choice simply because of the way it organises your library by tags, series info and customise your page look, fonts and colours.

I can see myself buying a few Google Books for the convenience factor I think I'll be keeping my main collection on my ereader for now.