Microsoft has a terrible marketing problem

With Google releasing Google Play Music All-Access Pass, (Did Microsoft finally fire the guy that comes up with product names?) there's been a lot of talk about streaming services and of course, Microsoft was brought up with Xbox Music Pass.

In Mr. Sandoval's How Google beat Apple to a streaming service, I have lost track of how many times someone said that Xbox Music was only available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. And then go in count how many times in the comments I said "available on XP, Vista, 7 and 8": My favourite:

In fact, XBox Music is the worst service by far for platform support. Funnily enough, it says on their site ‘unlimited music on all your devices’. Of course, those devices only include Windows 8, RT, Windows Phone and XBox. It has by far the worst platform support of any music service: at least Google Music works with any device with a web browser. Even Sony Music Unlimited is better: it supports Windows 7

However, it's unfair to call this comment ignorant. After all, he checked the website! Now, go see the website for yourself. See the problem there?

It looks like Microsoft is artificially limiting the service to its newest devices, where reality is almost everyone who's bought a computer in the last 12 years can use the service.

And yes, Android and iOS clients are gaping hole in mobile, but I sincerely believe they are waiting to uncrapify the cloud part of Xbox Music that was screwed up in the Zune>Xbox Music rebrand before releasing clients that will be judged in the first five seconds of downloading it. Oh, but the comments thread on that Verge article will look exactly like the one on the article linked above. And therein lies another problem: Microsoft is taking too long to fix Xbox Music. It's been nearly a year now (Windows 8's TechNet release) we've had broken cloud stuff. Even at 6 months from consumer release, this is nuts how I still have broken playlists I can't get rid of in my cloud.