Google Play music matching

Does anyone know if this feature actually works?

Following on from the (rather predictable) news that Google's streaming service will be US-only, I decided to finally bite the bullet and upload my music collection to Play Music, about 11,500 songs.

I've been resuming and pausing it several times over the last few days (don't want it using all the bandwidth all the time, plus it seems to slow down my laptop), and it's taking forever. If the music matching service actually worked I'm sure it would be finished by now but it seems to be uploading every single song, most of which I would assume they have already.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Update (copied from my comment below):

As an update, I can confirm matching does work (as other people have pointed out).

I checked with a NIN album I have which I know has some (very annoying) cd skips in places. Just played on Google Play Music and there are no skips. Also I right-clicked and there is an option to ‘fix incorrect match’.

I suppose the only reason I didn’t think it worked is because I thought it would scan my library and then match the songs, rather than uploading everything and then matching!