My Breakup with Rdio

I love Rdio. Really, I do. I switched from Spotify to Rdio in February 2012 simply because of Rdio's mobile app. It looked way, way better than the Spotify app, and they seemed to have more of the music I like - plus the web player. There were a few things missing; for instance, they didn't have Metric's great album "Fantasies" (and still don't, though they have Metric's newer album "Synthetica). The only other problem was the lack of support for local music playback, but I always figured that would eventually come. So I switched, and never looked back.

As great as their mobile app looked, it often crashes on me - hard. I'll have a perfect data connection and it won't be able to stream a song without me going into settings, finding the app info, force closing the app, and relaunching it again. And I can deal with this...unless I'm out with friends, where I'm usually the one driving. I'm not the one controlling my phone; it's whoever is next to me at that particular moment. And when the app hangs or lags or doesn't load or crashes, I have to (dangerously) try to force close the app while driving. But I didn't want to go back to Spotify, so I always figured I'd have to deal with Rdio's quirks to be able to use the great web experience.

Jump forward to Google I/O 2013. Google Music gets subscriptions. I should mention that while I've never liked the Play Music app, it had never once crashed on me. So I'm immediately interested by the app. It looks great, it has a web player, it's cheaper than Rdio if I sign up now, and I can mix local and streaming music into a playlist. Consider it done... of course, this is a new music service. Surely they're missing a bunch of the music I like, right?

Not from what I can tell. I've added almost all of the music I had on Rdio to my library on Google Music, and I believe the only band I can tell is missing (well, besides The Beatles, which I never expected to be there anyway) is Pink Floyd, which Rdio did have (It's rare I listen to Pink Floyd, however, so this doesn't bother me. They play all the time on my local radio station anyway)*. They even have Metric's Fantasies album. All in all, I'm happy.

And the app. I went driving with a friend last night, and the only time he wasn't able to stream music was when my connection got bad. It never crashed. It didn't lag. And it plays local music.

Of course, I could change my mind. My Rdio subscription renews June 15th, a day after my Google Music trial ends. But right now, it looks like I'll be switching music services yet again.

*As pointed out to me in the comments below by Altimax98, Pink Floyd is in fact in Google Music.