Larry Page is so underrated as a CEO.

I'm so happy that he is the CEO and not Eric. Android is now focused on providing a better gaming experience. Project GPU is real. Android is focus on speed and gaming on android devices. GPU is where the iphone still win. Android games still have drop frames. Gaming is their focus and the game services is there to improve the gaming across the entire google platform. Larry page doesnt get all the credit but we have to appreciate his vision for google. Larry page and the current google Team= unstoppable

Google new design = Larry Page

ChromeOS= Larry page ordering that chrome get better and put out a beta

Google Now= Larry page forced them to create this in 4 months

New IOS apps= page wanting google to have a cosehive design

Project Butter= Larry page forcing them to step up the design

ICS= Larry Page wanting android to be pretty

The web looking like mobile apps= Larry page again

He ordered the team to fix the ios apps

He was behind project butter

He was behind google now

He is behind google new maps and the new update google services