Windows Phone is perfect for me. So why am I not switching?

Metro Modern UI

I too, like a lot of other people, when I first heard Microsoft was replacing the start menu of Windows, I wasn't exactly excited about it. I liked my start button. Ever since I had used Windows in one form or another, I had that little start button, and I liked it. It was familiar, and like some, I don't take kindly to change. In retrospect, I'm not sure why. Metro was clean, neat, efficient, and I admit, it was a nice change of pace when my desktop used to get pretty cluttered with shortcuts and folders to the point where I was forced to make a shortcuts FOLDER on the desktop where I could fit all of my shortcuts. After all, while the start menu was nice, it was not the best user experience to click start, hover over programs, find the program I wanted, and clicked it. In some cases programs on the start menu had their own hover menu, so you'd have to dig 1 level deeper for the program you wanted to select the program shortcut and not select the uninstaller or the help program that they included in the branch. I know this isn't about Windows Phone yet, but be patient, its coming.

This all leads me to when I bought Windows 8. It was on the introductory sale. It was cheap, it was an upgrade, and me and my wife both didn't want to pay full price for it later for our respective computers. So, me and my wife took the plunge, and well, even though there were some things we had to adjust to (in ways my wife is still adjusting), I'm happy with Windows 8. Even more so, I love Modern UI. It's customizable and in many ways, like iOS, Windows 7 desktops minus rainmeter or custom third-party user interfaces and wallpapers looked much alike. Windows 8 changed all of that. All of the sudden everybody's start menu was customized for them. It kept my desktop clean and organized because I could use the start menu for a lot of the programs I used and I could neatly move back and forth between programs quicker and easier.

I was a new man.

I was a new man. I had a change of heart, and dare I say, I never want to not have modern UI on another Windows OS again.

Which brings me to Windows Phone 8. It's the modern UI that I love so much that is now attracting me to buy a Windows Phone after having been a loyal Android fanboy user for years, but it's not all lolly pops and gumdrops.

What needs to change.

There are a few problems. One of which, believe it or not, ISN'T the lack of apps. Most of all the apps I use, have windows phone counterparts or ports. Although I would like to see more triple A title games on the windows phone app store, though I'm sure with time, they will come. One of the problems I have with Windows Phone is the lack of any real rotation lock. I like to lay down and read The Verge and my email before I go to bed at night, and I find the screen rotating when it's not wanted could get annoying rather fast. The other problem I have with Windows Phone is it's mid-high level hardware specifications. Now, I don't mean the exterior. Windows Phone in my opinion look really premium and slick, which is not always the case with android hardware. I mean the processor and GPU. You see I LOVE games and I love overpowered hardware even more.

Now I realize that Windows Phone doesn't need overpowered hardware to be smooth, and that's all well and good; However, I really want a powerful processor and GPU for the more demanding games like Real Racing 3 and Dungeon Defenders, which even on my Droid DNA, the S4 Pro processor and Adreno 320 gpu (most likely because of my 1080p resolution) has lack luster performance on those titles.

As of the date of this post, I'm using Verizon and I can only upgrade once every 2 years on contract. Yucky. That means I want the most powerful bleeding edge phone I can get for the money, for my phone to age well in those 2 years. I'm sticking with my Droid DNA for now, but we'll see what Windows Phones are coming in Q3 and Q4. I can tell you, however, that if a Windows Phone came out with a Tegra 4 processor and a few DirectX games in the market place, I would switch and never look back.