What Windows Phone needs to do to get a jump on Android

1. Apps, the most obvious but none the less the most important.

A. Instagram. Also obvious Instagram is a major on my list.

B. Vine. If Windows Phone got vine before Android that would really propel them forward. I have a feeling it would really tick google off too.

C. Games, Temple Run 2, Minecraft, NBA Jam, Scribblenauts, and many others really need to be added.

D. Google Apps. I think that once windows Phone gets a decent amount of apps then google will realize that they should release apps on Windows Phone. The reason that IOS has google apps that are even sometimes then the ones on Android (Google Maps). Once windows Phone starts to become more of a competitor google will hopefully give windows phone apps such as Hangouts, Google maps, Gmail, Google Search , ect.

2. Better Hardware, this will bump it up to compete with Android phones (HTC One, Galaxy S4)

A. 1080p screens. They are definitely needed to compete.

B. Quad core processers. People like number higher numbers on spec sheet and to have quad core processors would again put Windows phones higher up there. If Windows Phone let Snapdragon 800 processors the could be ahead of the game instead of having to play catch up. Lots of people say Window Phone doesn't need quad Core processors and that is true but it's called innovating. When the Droid DNA was announced people said who needs 1080p screens when you can't see pixels anyway, and i think this the same thing.

C. A Nexus-esc line. If Microsoft made "nexus" devices like google instead of their own hardware I think they would do better. If Microsoft hired say Nokia for the job instead of making their own surface phone they would do much better. That fact that they released their own surface tablet has throw a wrench into my idea.

3. Rebirth you could say, this would hopefully clean up Microsoft and refine it. http://www.minimallyminimal.com/2012/7/3/the-next-microsoft.html