1 month with HTC one and I am returning it

Its almost been a month since i posted this: http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/27/4274914/1-week-with-htc-one-and-i-cant-seem-to-fall-in-love

Even though my first impression was underwhelming to say the least, I decided to keep an open mind and try it out for a month.

Its been almost a month and I've decided to return the phone (it had a 30 day return policy from tmo). I poped in the sim card on my n4 and almost cried how much i missed it (ok i didn't cry but i missed it so much <3)

Why did I return it? Basically the HTC One can't even come close to replicating the ineffable iphone and nexus 4 experience for me. No I am not taking about LTE vs HSPA or how many cores or how fast the GPU is. I am taking about the overal user experience of using the phone day in and day out.

Here are two main things I actually like about the phone:

  • Display is really as good as everyone is taking about. Just awesome!
  • The speakers are amazing. The best i've seen. It not a big deal for me though b/c I hardly listen music through the speakers.

Here are my concluding thoughts about what I ultimately didn't like about the phone:

  • Sense doesn't add but rather subtracts from the stock android experience. For example, the gallery app on HTC sucks balls compared to the stock android gallery. Don't even get me started on the launcher...
  • The camera is unpredictable. Sometimes I get really good shots and sometimes just grainy shots. The post processing HTC software is doing on camera is not perfect and even though my nexus camera sucks in low light, in day light it is consistently decent. Don't believe the HTC marketing on the ultra pixels. It sucks. BIG TIME.
  • The bezels and curves look good in the pictures but i couldn't get used to the grip of iphone and n4. One of the most overrated thing about HTC One is how good it feels in the hand. Narrow bezels with metal body actually are a bad combo if you ask me.
  • The navigation buttons are flakey sometimes. Even if i forget how retarded it is to sacrifies the 3 button nav bar with the useless giant HTC logo, the button have smaller than usual touch targets because it doesn't pick up the touches once in a while. I've read that this is a known problem and HTC has promised some software update.
  • The top power button resulted in me dropping the phone on two occasions. Its unnatural place for a long phone like this.
Now that google has announced s4 nexus I am tempted to give it a try (although the physical home and dedicated menu button is putting me off already)