Next Gen Retina Macbook Pro Specs?

I've noticed there's not a lot of discussion around the Retina MacBooks lately... So here we go!

What I think is going to happen.

Big Picture

Discontinuation of 15" Classic MBP

13" Classic MBP base model remains for one more year.


Intel Core i7 4700HQ with HD 5200 or i7 4700MQ with HD 4600

AMD Radeon HD 8870M or Nvidia GT750M 1GB GDDR5 as standard for 15" rMBP Fingers crossed 2GB GDDR5!!!

Wireless AC included as standard.

Screen improvements. Ghosting issue fixed, no image retention.

256GB storage

What others are saying

Macrumors User "Koyoot"

Low end 15 inch rMBP - 1899 - 1999$
High End - 2399 - 2499.

QC i7 Haswell 2.4 with GT2 GPU.
8 GB 1600 MHz RAM with option of 16 GB
GT750M OC'ed to 1000 MHz on core and 1600 MHz on Memory.
256 GB SSD.

QC i7 Haswell 2.7 GHz, GT2 GPU with option of 2.8 GHz, 8 MB cache
16 GB 1600 MHz RAM
Same discrete GPU as lower end rMBP
512 GB SSD

What do you guys think?