Forstall to Ive

While initially I didn't care so much about the rumored redesign of iOS I am now looking forward to it a bit. Hopefully they are tasteful modest changes that make using it even easier.

That being said I just had a thought on the whole Forstall vs. Ive side to this story. When Forstall got fired, the blogs (especially all you commenters) were quick to paint this story of Apple deciding that (insert word I'm sick of hearing) was out and 'flat' design was in. Ive being placed in his new roll seemed to cement this. I think this narrative is not at all true. Scott Forstall was responsible for so much more then the looks of the platform, the whole thing was his baby. If the design was the reason Cook was unhappy then he could have made that change without getting rid of such a tenured and talented employee.

My guess is Cook wanted to reorganize and Forstall didn't like where that put him. If the rumors of him and Ive not getting along were true then Ive having direct control over any part of iOS direction (even simple design) may not have sat well. In the end we must remember that Forstall was replaced by Craig Federighi not Ive.

While the look will undoubtable be more modern and simple, I'm really interested to see new features an UI enhancements. Things that move the software forward and make it a more powerful tool. Think back to the original Mac and how simple it was compared to what it became and is today. If Forstall got fired for any technical reason it was because he refused to move the platform forward in ability. But design had nothing to do with it.