Anyone bothered by Windows Phone UI/UX as mostly black and white?

I have been using Windows Phone for about two years starting with the HTC HD7 then Lumia 710 and finally Lumia 920. Most of the WP8 built-in apps and utilities are rendered with black background and white text (or gray) and a little of text in the accent color. This is pretty evident in the apps People Hub, phone dialer, email client, settings, calendar, alarm, messaging, and etc...

I'm not a fan of the Light theme especially for the Home screen. It's just too bright on the Home screen, and the tiles don't look good with a white background. It's also worst if you pin a lot of websites like I do to the Home screen. Unfortunately, WP8 doesn't allow separate theme for apps and the Home screen so I have to choose Dark.

After using WP for some time, are you bothered by the black/white/gray combinations? A lot of third-party apps have beautiful colors while retaining the same Metro styling.

Should MS bring more colors to the built-in apps and utilities? Honestly, I think they should spice up the colors a little bit and maybe add a touch of texture. For some reasons, one of my favorite apps is Flixster which has 5-star rating with over 32000 ratings.