The Ergonomics of Wireless and NFC

I'm sick and tired of dealing with wires and anything that connects one device to another. It is a hassle. You trip over them and they break. You have to wrap them up and put them away. My solution to that? Wireless Technology and NFC.

In this past month, I've been trying to set up a system around me that made everything simpler, convenient, more relaxing, and ergonomic. Owning a Nexus 4 and a ThinkPad Helix with NFC built in, I purchased a few other products to experiment with. As a result, my interaction with my devices became so much more seamless. Let me elaborate.

NFC Bluetooth Speakers

Device: Sony SRSBTX300

Prior to buying these speakers, I owned a Bose Sounddock. Depsite them having an enjoyable sound, I found using them and connecting them to my phone/laptop to be way too much of a hassle. I had to connect an auxiliary cable each time I wanted high quality audio output. It made the overall experience unenjoyable. I could not move my phone/laptop more than 2 feet away from the speakers! This meant I either had to move the speakers close to my work station, or my work station close to my speakers. Overall, I ended up not bothering to use the speakers.

Then I purchased these sony speakers.

Using these with NFC bluetooth pairing made everything so much simpler. All I had to do was tap my phone/laptop on the speakers and voila, it automatically pairs and starts playing music. Better yet, I was no longer a prisoner chained to my speaker system. I could literally walk to another room and still have the speakers playing. And my remote? It was my phone, right there with me in my pocket.

If I wanted to, I could take these battery powered speakers with me. I would not have to worry about also bringing the charger and do the extra task of unplugging and plugging back in. There was also no worry of finding an outlet to connect it to. I could just simply grab the speaker and place it wherever and continue listening.

NFC Bluetooth Headphones

Device: Sony DR-BTN200

Prior to buying these headphones I used the ATH-M50s. Great sounding headphones but they had some thick ass wires that even made holding my phone a greater effort than it should have been. Again, similar to my experience with the speakers, the wires and weight of the headphones took away from how enjoyable my experience was with these. These ended up breaking due to a fray in the wire close to the headphone jack (another annoyance with wires!) so I ended up selling them for cheap and picking up the wireless headphones.

Enter Sony headphones.

I have fallen in love with these. They are light and super portable with enjoyable sound. Again, I found i ended up listening to music and using my headphones more just because of how much more convenient they are to use. I love how easy these are to store away when I'm not using them. I simply just take them off and lay it on my table. No need to wrap up the wires. By the way, the battery life is about 40 hours between charges!

After testing these out at the gym, I realized I didn't have to worry about having headphones on in fear of getting tangled with the wires. On my bike ride to the gym, I had my phone safely wrapped up in my jacket pocket, while I went through songs with the forward/back/play/pause buttons located on the headset. I did not have to pull it out and avoided the fear that I would drop it. Additionally I was able to answer and make calls with the built in mic and phone button on the headset. Then once I got to the gym I could easily do whatever exercise that I had without worrying about wires getting in the way. The best part about it? I did not take my phone out of my pocket once. In fact, it safely sat in my jacket in a cubby hole.

NFC Tags

I currently only use these in my car and am still trying to figure out more ways of making the most of these. RIght now, I use them for 2 things:

1. To send a message to a person I carpool with to come out of his house. This saves me from texting while driving.

2. A tag to pairing my phone to my Motorola T505 bluetooth FM transmitter. The tag turns on bluetooth, cranks the volume and starts playing music when paired. The only inconvenice is that I have to manually turn on the transmitter and set it to pairing mode. Ideally, I would like to have an NFC bluetooth pairing system built into my car but this does the trick for now.

Overall, I see lots of potential with NFC tags in making things more ergonomic.

Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

I know this thing is overpriced and maybe not worth it, but for the sake of my experiment I thought I'd try it out. After a month of using a wireless charger, I am spoiled by how convenient this is. This further adds to the simplicity of not having to deal with plugging and unplugging the wires.

There's a special kind of freedom and relaxation to being wire-free. Using NFC and wireless technology made me want to use my speakers/headphones more just because of how ergonomic and easy it was to use them. I no longer have to go through the hassle of plugging/unplugging and manually setting up bluetooth pairing.

What about you guys? What do you use NFC/wireless technology for? Any tips on how to improve my set up?