Android for cheap/medium handsets is a disgrace

I had enough. This is the 29036576th time my Xperia U gets unstable and unmanaged because of NOTHING. Doesn't response for a good 10 minutes when I wake it up from offline mode. Always the same. And in normal use, lags like a master when 2 or 3 apps are open. I try to optimize and maintain clean, I don't have multiple desktops with eye-candy widgets... I just want to use the phone normally. And it gets on my nerves every time.

The same happens with other cheap androids out there in my inner circle... they work a bit better because they aren't even upgraded to 4.0. Disgraceful that thing too, how many gingerbreads are out there?

In most places of the planet, it's not easy to acquire a flagship. Those who do, subsidize their handset paying huge fees every month. But there people like me who want to spent little. A cheap dataplan (I pay no more than 6€ per month), and a workable handset that doesn't cost a gazillion. And Android just fails in this area. They keep bumping the specs for the flagships, and people still report lag on the S4. Imagine the lower handsets with 384MB of ram, 800hz processors and so on. The companies have no shame putting these things in the market. And I don't think my Xperia will get better with time.

So I'm left with a mobile phone which works "ok" half the time I'm using it. It's not sustainable. I'm thinking of selling the device and buy a cheap Winphone or a second-hand iPhone 4. The "open" world of Android is beautiful, but they need to sort this out ASAP. Will they? I don't know, they just keep showing the new S4 google edition. They need to re-think android, a "re-think" based around on lower devices. Even the flagships would benefit.