Android OEMs: Faults

Each Android OEM seems to have some minor fault that hurts it in some way. Some fault that makes people criticize it or not want it.

Lets consider some of these.


Hands down, HTC has almost always made very good phones hardware wise. From the G1 to the One; HTC has put in work and delivered. Good/excellent materials. Good/great design. Good/excellent screens. Good/great cameras.

But HTCs faults are failing to adapt to a changing market. They simply sat back, content to keep throwing devices into a market, without focus a just a few flagships.

We are aware of the disaster that has resulted. HTC has being limping along for a couple of years now, forced to finally realize that a multitude of phones won't win the day. Singular focus on one great device is the key for them to return to prominence,

Enter the One.


Oh, the company everyone loves to hate. The big dog in the Android camp. They have been churning profits like crazy lately with no end in sight. Why? Lets consider their devices.

Okay/good materials. Good/great design. Good/excellent screens. Great/excellent cameras.

Say what you will, Samsung has never been one to stay stagnant. They've used their resources to change their business model to focus on only a couple of major devices and have reaped the rewards. Whether you want to say that they copied or anything to that affect, okay, that's fine. It doesn't change the results. Samsung has risen to the top and deserve that top spot until someone comes and wrestle it away.

How? By being better in all aspects of this mobile business. Not just by building a better phone, but better marketing. Better management. Better focus.

Also, Samsung...and this is a completely personal preference from me...if you're gonna stick with plastic, soft coat that back like HTC has done in the past with the 8X, Butterfly, DNA and other devices. I guarentee many reviewers would praise this simple change.



Only recently have you even become a blip on the radar. I have nothing to really say about you. Outside of the most recent devices, Optimus G, Optimus G Pro and Nexus 4, your devices have been very middle of the road.

Okay/Good materials. Okay/good design. (Docking you here for the 4:3 monstrosity that is the LG Intuition/Vu.) Okay/great screens. Okay/good cameras.

If anything, stop copying Samsung. Many already say that Samsung copies Apple. Copying what some would consider a copy is horrible.

Especially when you consider this example literally. Making a paper copy of an original document usually turns out well. Maybe here and there, faults can be found, but nothing too distracting. But a copy of a copy....ugh.


I have a love-hate relationship with this company. Love that they were the company from whom I purchased my first Android phone. Hate that they have failed in some key areas.

Good/Great materials. Okay/Great design. Okay/good screens. Okay/good cameras.

Screens and cameras. Hey, Motorola: Do you know that these two things are probably the most important things on the modern smartphone?! I'd say their far more important than materials or design (unless of course you've designed a 4:3 smartphone *cough LG cough*)

Motorola has yet to put in an impressive screen or camera since they've been manufacturing Android devices. Lucky for you, Google bought you and maybe they can turn your fortunes around. Rumor has it that focus on excellent cameras is due in the near future. Hooray!!! Hope it comes to fruition.


Notice that I didn't touch on software UIs from these OEMs. No need to, because in my opinion they all suck in some way.

Sense 5, TouchWiz and whatever the hell LG is calling their crap are all hideous. From change for the sake of change (HTC) to weird color schemes and a few gimmicks (Samsung and LG), they've all stomped over Android. Save for one area....

The camera software. This was the area that needed attention, and I'm glad that the OEMs touched this area.

But this area alone!

Motorola isn't exempt from this area, but their being owned by Google has definetely affected their UI and its the most like stock. But with bad cameras, who needs good camera software? (Shrugs shoulders)

So, those are my ideas about the OEMs....what say you?