And so the monitor search begins...

Hey guys,

i am currently searching for an external monitor for my trusted Macbook Air. I just need some more desktop space for general computing and a little bit of foto editing, nothing fancy though and nowhere near professional level. Gaming is not planed at all so i would really like to go with an IPS panel.

My Requirements:

  • 21" or 23" with 1920 x 1080
  • IPS panel
  • if possible height adjustable & portrait mode
  • I`d prefer 16:10 over 16:9 but thats really just a bonus
  • Display Port or HDMI
  • and all that for less then ~250€ ( ~320$)

The Options:

So far i found a couple of candidates and the best one so far seems to be the Dell Ultra Sharp U2312HM in 23". It offers everything i need but it has an anti glare coat. I really dont see the point in having a matte display that i will never use in bright light and i heard some bad things about light colours looking terrible on this screen.

Alternatives include the Dell S2240M which is not height adjustable and the Dell Ultra Sharp U2412M which is just a little bit to big, a little bit to expensive and not even an IPS panel.

So, which one would be the best choice? Maybe somebody has personal experience with one of them or knows another monitor that would be perfect. What do you think?