What do you want from a future Apple TV?

We all know that a much improved Apple TV is on the way either this year or next, Steve Jobs mentioned in his Biography that he'd "cracked it". So what are you expecting from it?

I'm hoping for it to remain as a standalone box, I don't want to be throwing down hundreds or thousands of pounds for a new TV and I think a lot of other people will be thinking the same. I'd like it to be opened up to developers with a dedicated App Store and for APIs to be introduced which allow for "extended controllers" via your iPhone/iPad; think along the lines of how the Remote app provides a more user friendly interface for managing music on the Apple TV.

I'd also like to see system wide support for notifying me about content I like. For example if there is a particular show I follow then I'd like to be notified as and when new content is available without needing to go hunting for it. I should probably mention that I prefer the model Netflix followed by releasing House of Cards all in one go however I can't see this working for all types of content/networks.

The biggest problem I can foresee for an App Store is the current lack of storage; yes there is some but it's used for buffering. This will especially effect games which will demand lot's of space. A couple of thoughts on how this may be solved,

  • New hardware introduced which has the normal iDevice 'pricing by storage size' model. If they're going after the gaming console market this could be restrictive since modern games take up a lot of storage.
  • Some kind of streaming solution for apps whereby the bulk of data required is streamed on demand as and when apps need it.

Personally I think they'll go with the onboard storage option and NOT go for the console gaming market to keep things simple. If they're not going after console gaming then that would suggest that they won't need to introduce a new controller. I could see them potentially turning iPhones and iPods into controllers in the same way that rolomotion (http://www.rolomotion.tv/) is doing. People wouldn't want to fling their iPhones around for fear of breaking them however Apple did introduce the loop accessory for iPod touch last year which could also be introduced on iPhone to solve this issue.

On the iTunes side of things I'd love for them to also consolidate HD and SD pricing into a single tier in the same way they did with audio. I shouldn't have to decide what quality I want it in when purchasing, that should be a decision based on when and where I view it. I'd also like to see some kind of iTunes match style service for all my DVDs and Blu-rays; Apple hate physical media so I can't see them introducing a device with support for DVD/Blu-ray.