looks and design are subjective

Looks and design are very subjective ,its what each person likes, what you might love, another might hate, so when people keep recommending the HTC One for its "Gorgeous design" it kinda makes me a tad mad, because unless you say " *IThink* it has a gorgeous design" you make it sound like an empirical fact, i for one cant stand the design of the One, and i know im in a minority, and that the majority of people n here are going to bash me for it in the comments, but still, looks and design are a subjective thing, now im not a massive fan of the S4 either, IMO there are parts foo me that look better on the S4 than on the One, but by no means do i find either of them better than the other, i like the understated Design of Phones like the Nexus 4, and the Optimus G, ones that when turned off jjust look pretty sitting there, they dont have gaudy ghastly looking speakers flanking the screen making the phone much bigger than it needs to be, neither does it have faux metal all around it and a mish mash of physical and capacitive buttons, but like i said, this is my personal opinion, i could sit here and state what i dislike about hte Oes design,, and the S4's design, even the Nexus 4/Optimus G's design that is my personal favourite, but like i said, design is subjective, just because you like it, dont just assume everyone else will