The next Xbox

The Next Xbox


12GBs of RAM (4GB GDDR5 on the gpu and 8GB GDDR5 on the 8 core ibm custom cpu)

The gpu is the first gcn 2.0 gpu produced and was designed by MS+IBM+AMD

GPU spec 4.9 tflops

Just ignore that^

Product Announcements:

•Two products will be announced a revised Xbox 360 and a New Xbox

•Revised Xbox 360 will be rebranded as Xbox <new brand> will contain a shrinked 360 SoC and will be positioned to compete with Roku and AppleTV. Will "piggyback" onto your Cable box. Old rumors had it overlaying Xbox stuff over your cable connection. It's the other way around, will "inject" your Cable into the Xbox dash via a tile. No different than Windows Media Center. First few minutes of the conference will be focused on this. The thing may be released later next week or the following week.

•Will play current 360 library via download.

•Revised 360 won't have a DVD drive, small internal NAND flash and USB ports for controller charging and external HDDs.

•Box is bigger than Roku and much, much thinner and smaller than current 360 model.

•Price will be $150.00

•New core gaming box will be announced. This box will be branded Xbox <newbrand> and will have all of the functionality of the smaller box along with the ability to play new core games.

•No price announced until after E3, so don't hold your breath.

•Controller will include technology from MS touch mouse for web browsing, apps and menu nav.

•Here's the biggie: Two SKUs, One with updated Kinect, one without. Kinect not mandatory.

•UI is minor upgrade over NXE. No full-blown Windows RT. Smooth as butter though.

•Multi-tasking OS. Switch to OS and apps without having to leave the game. Game pauses automatically.

•Console is always on and always online. Will run in low power state via Xbox 360 SoC to download updates and interact with Smartglass. "Always online" doesn't mean that it requires Internet just to function just like "always on" doesn't mean it will work when you lose electricity. Always on, always online implies that it will function in that manner assuming you have electricity and a working Internet connection. Duh! Much ado about nothing.

•Little box will be aimed at casual gamers and big box will be aimed at core gamers.

Ancillary tidbits:

•Final devkits and SDKs won't go out until later this year. Not unusual because MS didn't release Windows 8/WP8 SDKs to developers until two months before the product launched. The rationale is that launch/launch Window games won't be able to take advantage of the improvements and functionality in time anyways. The decision behind this was the same as the other incidents: To protect their IP and prevent leaks.

•Indie devs will be happy.

•World-wide launch in question. Sorry Europe?

•Japan will not be a major focus for MS. Stronger focus on Europe and developing markets.

Source IGN Fourms