Next Gen. Macbook vs rMacbook Pro

I'm thinking to buy one of the above after summer, maybe September or October.

I can't pick one of them . I'm going to enter computer sience in university, and this is my first Mac. I want to change platform.

About New Macbook Air :

  • I really hope it will come with new haswell intel processors.
  • I don't know if the retina display is really needed, but it will be nice.
  • HDMI like rMBP.
  • 8 Gb of memory base model.

I know the rMBP is really good but maybe it's a bit expensive for what I want. And I love the mobility that MBA has! I'm thinking to use it all day, and running software like: Adobe Products and etc. I know that's no problem on MBA performance running all this software. But I still don't know what to pick.

So what's your opinion about the new MBA and what should I pick?