Is the Canon 60D a big enough upgrade from a Rebel XT to justify $699?

After recently getting into some fast prime lenses (50mm f1.4, etc) I realized that maybe my 6 year old Rebel XT is not able to keep up with focusing in low light. Some of these lenses hunt and hunt and never lock in shots in low light even at the highest ISO setting.

After reading about the 60D's more modern metering and autofocus systems along with the much higher ISO settings and realizing that one can now be had for 699 (body only) I'm really tempted to upgrade. I went to my local camera shot and played with one. It feels great in the hand compared with the Rebels Ive held and I am am liking the ability to access a lot of the controls without going into the menu system or even taking my eye off the viewfinder. Video is a nice plus but what really draws me is the hope of getting more keepers when shooting in low light without a flash (something I do lot).

Am I being realistic in my expectations?