A few years ago, netbooks were small, light, inexpensive, often underpowered computers — and the word quickly became a pejorative term, to be used only with the greatest of disdain as you throw your netbook out the window. Then came ultrabooks — small, light, inexpensive, often underpowered computers that have taken the PC market by storm. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So while Lenovo may call its new IdeaPad Yoga 11 an ultrabook, make no mistake: it's a netbook. This is a bag-sized, two-pound, $599 laptop that runs low-end software on low-end hardware. It does have a handy touchscreen, plus an ultrapliable hinge that turns the laptop into a tablet and a bunch of other things besides, but it's a netbook.

Microsoft may finally have a case to make for the netbook, though. Windows RT runs well on almost any hardware — unlike Windows 7, which crumbled on anything low-end — and between the Windows Store and the latest version of Office there's a burgeoning app ecosystem as well. The Yoga 11 could essentially be a Chromebook with an app store — long battery life, does the basics well, great browser, native apps for all the things you want – and for anyone other than the most powerful of power users that's kind of the dream. I've been waiting for it for a while now.