Must Have Chrome OS (and Chrome) Web Apps, Extensions, and Tricks.

I recently got a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook and I must say I'm loving it every day more and more. Yes, it has it's downfalls but over all it's a great second computer and even a viable laptop replacement (for those of us that don't have a need to do video editing or other power intense tasks). There is a few things I wish it did, SMB support for starters, but I'm sure with time things will come (especially with I/O around the corner).

So in the meantime, while I patiently wait, what are your must have Chrome OS Web Apps, Extensions and Tricks?

My list:


AdBlock - pretty self explanatory

Pocket - look through feeds on my Nexus 4 and save em for later when on a bigger screen. Plus it's a beautiful app to look at.

MightyText - Allows me to text through my Chromebook using my phone number (it uses your phone, so text rates will apply). Sometimes it's a little bugging as far as sending text, but a quick refresh usually solves it.

Feedly - with Google Reader going away :'( I was force to use an alternative. And damn, does it look beautiful! although I feel as if something is missing.

DoNotTrackMe - Don't track me, pretty simple.

Web Apps:

Google Docs (Online and Offline) - Microsoft, you have lost a customer. Yes, it can't do half the things Office can do but it does most (if not all) the things I need it to do and for less than half the price of Office ;P

Spotify - Music, I must admit before my Chromebook I had use Spotify maybe 3 or 4 times before. However the Web App isn't all that bad, they just need to clean it up a bit, it's a bit noisy.

Google Play Music - I'm a bit into underground metal, needless to say services like Spotify don't meet all my music needs. That's when Google Play Music steps in, with over 11,000 songs from my personal music library available at the click of a button. And I still have room for an additional 9,000 whenever I decide to purchase more music.

Netflix: They actually built a decent Web App for Chromebooks (not sure if it works for all of em but it does for the Samsung Series 3). With limited storage and a few spare hours there had to be a way to keep myself entertain, Netflix specializes in such cases. It might not have the greatest selection of movies but it has pretty good selection nonetheless.


Chrome://Flags - This gives you some hidden experimental features. My two favorites are:

- Immersive Mode - Hides everything except the webpage. It's really nice for reading and even browsing as it minimizes distractions.

- Three Finger Swipe - It's not as dumb as it sounds, this option enables you to swipe with three fingers horizontally to switch between tabs. This option combine with immersive mode is a killer.

Open As Window - This option could be found on your app drawer, right click one of the web apps and it'll give you the option on how to open that app (regular tab, pinned tab, as a window or maximize). As windows makes your web apps open as windows making the web apps feel more like native apps.