How well does iOS sync with Windows 8?

Hey everyone, question is in the title but I'll go into my specific situation here. I'm due for an upgrade and own a Windows 8 laptop that I'm extremely happy with. I'm still up in the air about what type of phone I want since all 3 major systems do everything I want very well. I don't require many apps but I think that has to do with the systems I've been on (webOS -> WP 7.5) so maybe I just haven't had the opportunity to find apps that I really want so that's the main reason why I'm considering an iPhone.

My main concern is how well it'll sync with my current Windows 8 apps. I love the mail, calendar, and people apps and that's my main concern. How well would can iOS sync with my Microsoft account and how well can Windows 8 work with my apple account? I plan on sticking to Microsoft's app offerings (skyrdrive, outlook, etc.) and am wondering how well it'll all fit together. Thanks for the help.