Google Keep is just another form of something they already have. (On Chrome OS, at least.)


So I noticed that Google Keep can be launched as a little stand alone window, the same as Scratchpad, which is already built in to Chrome OS. I know though that you can't get scratch pad on Android or anything though so it's not like Google Keep is completely useless. But what happens now? Will they get rid of Scratchpad because Google Keep is here or keep it?

I say they should keep it, you'll notice on the Scratchpad Window there are much more customisation options in a row along the bottom, and also because I've had it for a while now there are quite a few notes on it including an exam timetable which will be vital to me in the upcoming weeks. Anyway, I'm not going to go on, what are your thoughts? All round I agree Google Keep is useful, but if you use Chrome OS, is it really any use at all?