What the reviews on the Nexus 4 missed - it's MAGIC

Nexus 4 isn't the greatest phone of all time. That said, it's pretty decent. An aspect reviewers universally disliked was the glass-backed design decision. I am opposed to cases, consequently I've had 6 months of drops, knocks, and whatnot (I'm clumsy and active) without any cracks. I can confirm it's at least a solid lump of glass!

But why did the reviews fail to mention it's MAGIC??

Seriously. I put this phone on what I could swear was a totally flat surface, 5 minutes later - *bang* - the phone is on the floor. I can visit a friend, put my phone down and struggle to find it at the end of an evening - it has seemingly traversed a dinning table and bounced underneath a cabinet, or teleported from an armrest of a sofa to halfway underneath it. I believe I have a decent understanding of physics, this phone seems to violate the very fundamentals.

It's genuinely ridiculous where this phone ends up, or the surfaces it slides-off of. Anyone else having fun constantly picking their phone up off the floor?