Would you like the Camera app to look like this?

So here is my mockup of what I think the iOS camera should be like. I've eschewed some buttons in favor for gestures which allows for a lot cleaner interface. The downside of this then is lack of "obviousness" in the interface. A button is a button, it's there and tapable. Gesture on the other hand are not self-evident, thus the app would require a brief walk-through on the first launch, and perhaps some clues pointing to the gestures could remain in the app until the user has tried every gesture and knows about them. With that being said the app only uses slide gestures, which actually already exist in the current app.


Default view. Flash option to your right, toggle to video mode by tapping button on the left. This trigger a nice animation where the shutter button and the video button switches places. You get what I mean right?


Video mode.


Swiping up from anywhere on the screen reveals the advanced options. The buttons on top are still active, which is handy if you find you suddenly need to snap a picture quickly. The font used is Avenir, which can be found in Maps and some Siri cards.


Switching to the front facing camera is done by swiping anywhere on the screen from the right to the left. This triggers a flip animation, the same as the current camera app. Also notice how the flash button slides away since it's obsolete in front camera mode.


Almost all the way round! And no that's not me, it's just some random pic I found on the internet (thank you Mr. Internet).

And just like in the current app swiping from your left to the right brings up the camera roll.

There you go, my vision of how the camera should look, let me know if there is something you want me to clarify, or if there is anything stupid or bad with my idea. Try to keep it constructive so I can learn, thanks guys! :)