Sooo, about those new X-Phone pics :)

Turns out a X-Phone does exist, or as Moto would like to codename it, the XFON


This is taken from a recent EVLeaks, I'm sure you guys know that they are a reputable source. On the left is the newly leaked image and the right a hi-res image leaked in late March. I have highlighted a few parts to show why I think these two phones are the same.

I have highlighted (On MSPain!) what appears to be the model name XFON-ATT - assuming ATT means the AT&T carrier variant. The leaked image also has a hole to the left of the camera that is not in the picture to the right, it is very clear to me that this is an antenna port, like this:

Now why would the left picture need an antenna port? Well it seems to me that the back seems to be made of some sort of Carbon fiber type material. Carbon fiber, as I'm sure most of you know, is an extremely durable material and right up Moto's alleyway. However is is also a very good shield-er of radio waves - no good for a mobile phone!

Now if I speculate a bit more I'd say that there is some possibility of these customization options rumors becoming a realty. Why go to the effort of making a pretty good carbon fiber/Kevlar/thing prototype AND a very nicely finished polycarbonate body, hmm? But i may be getting ahead of myself here.

Picture 2 below is more proof of the authenticity of the first set of leaked pictures.


It seems to be running a pretty much unadulterated version of JellyBean. A couple of things to note:

- That funky Moto M circle seems to be changing between pics, we know based on this video it is static I think Moto will probably release it as a good 'ol circle and are either toying with the idea of how to make the different pattern look or its just a device identified to prevent leaks.

- There is some funky carrier branding going on. (Viettel is a Vietnamese telecommunications company, duh!)

- There's some bloatware present. I'm looking t you MyAT&T and Migrate

- It's 4G (LTE?) ready

Finally this last picture sizes the phone up:


It looks nearly identical in size to the iPhone 5 and will probably have a 720p screen & I'm guessing 4" or maybe a smidgen bigger. I assume this is just right for Motorola.

What do you guys think!

EDIT: Here's a link to The Verge's story on it. Probably a better read than my ramblings!