ThinkPad Helix is Coming May 8th


I was doing my daily checks of the ThinkPad Helix and by chance I found these links on Amazon.

Fully Specced

i5, 4gb RAM, 180 gb storage

The fully specced model will come on Mey 8th while the mid tier option can be purchased now. We knew PC Connections was selling them but they seemed slightly over priced and now I see that it is a good thing that I waited. I am expecting the May 8th to be the official release date from Lenovo as well. This was literally perfect timing as my company was forcing me to get my refresh on May 12th.

I have a couple of design quibs I am really interested in knowing about if anyone already has one. I am a constant user of both the TrackPoint and the TrackPad (T420s). I love clickpads (mine does not have one but my mothers Dell XPS 10 does). It might actually make me switch from TrackPoint.

1.How does the 5 button clickpad work? Can it differentiate between a TrackPad click near the top or a left/right/middle click with the nub? There should be a way to set it to recognize everything as a trackpad click but I like to use both.

2. How good is the docking mechanism? With my mothers Dell XPS 10 the docking hinge is a little annoying. One, you have to hold the slider down and then pull it out. Also put it back in requires perfect alignment and angle. From the review, I saw that the docking posts extend out a lot so should make putting the tablet back in very easy. Also it seems that you can push a button and then pull the tablet out, without having to hold the button down.

3. Ergonomics? How ergonomic is it. Both as a tablet and as a laptop. As a tablet the sides are only rounded making portrait viewing probably even a worse experience. Was the dock good. How annoying is the flap for the fans. Do those have to be open? Also does the dock dig into your palms?

Any other problems you faced with the device that were notable to you? (bad touchscreen, etc.)