Will this work well.....?

I had a home theater in a box system that the "receiver" has died and instead of buying a whole new system, I'd like to start putting together a better sounding system. For now I just want to invest in receiver and I will update my 5.1 speakers over time. I came across this on Amazon and it seems about perfect


It's a 7.2 system with two zones. I have pair of 150 Watt speakers in another room that I'd like to run off this set up. Will this push enough power to take advantage of those speakers? Does the second zone usually put out the same watts as the rest of the system?

Any other recommendations if you guys don't like this one? I'm also looking at a Yamaha.


I just need one with 2 zones, networked ability to play music through DLNA, and at least 5.1. Thanks for any help you can offer!