Thunderbolt Display. Update possibilities?

All right Applezombies, time to call on your obsessive following of your favourite religion.

I need to grace around a dozen current iMacs in all - 4 for me in various locations, 6-10 between two offices - with two Thunderbolt displays each (i.e. about two dozen displays).

It's not hyper-urgent, but I'd like to get it out of the way reasonably quickly once everything else is ready. Some of the iMacs have not yet been ordered as the office fitout hasn't even finished yet.

The thing is, pairing the current TBDs with the new iMacs looks a bit odd. Since it's all about the form over function for them, I would have to imagine Apple are thinking the same thing.

What are the chances I'll be kicking myself when new TB displays are released in the next couple of months?