Horribly executed Skype integration in WP8

I use Skype on WP8 a lot, but I am not even 10% happy about its integration with WP8. Here are my issues: 1. If someone calls me on Skype WP8 (and if I am logged on to Skype on my laptop as well), my laptop rings first and my WP8 gets a notification/rings only after at least 30 seconds! By this time, the caller must've already hung the call. 2. Even while I am only logged on to Skype on my phone and pick the incoming Skype call immediately, it takes at least 30 seconds to a minute to open Skype's main UI and mostly the call fails to connect! If this is the kind of integration a first party product provides, I am not surprised the likes of Viber are struggling with it. I could accept this if I had old hardware, but I am on 920, the flagship WP8 model, so resources cant be an issue! Also, I have very few background services, that cant be an issue as well!! MSFT...are you listening?