Samsung Galaxy ads a perfect Mac vs PC response?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is apparently on it's way to 10 million sold in 1 month. Many have said it's Samsung's marketing but i say their Next Big Thing anti Apple ads has played a role more than we might have thought. Remember the brand power and opinion Apple swayed in the days of Mac vs PC commercials? Samsung is doing so now in these attack comedy ads but in a more effective way and to greater success. The ads video compilation below shows an always consistent mockery of Apple and this compilation shows this started in 2011 i think?. Does not look like Samsung is stopping anything soon. Do you see this ads as a Mac vs PC type ads or is Samsung getting more creative with the iphone ridicule? Does one think Apple should make a response to some of the more exaggerated claims in these ads?

Samsung funny Galaxy Ads compilation (via EntertainementForYou)