iOS 7 Calendar App Mockup [UPDATED]

The iOS calendar is an app in some need of redesign, so I gave it a go. What you're seeing is a second version.

The design is based off of a subtle metaphor which matches the current calendar icon, but maintains a clean look with only subtle gradients. The slide up panel appears when an appointment is tapped, and allows for editing and sharing of an event. It is dismissed by dragging the handle down. The week view shown will allow you to scroll horizontally and vertically though appointments. The font is Avenir next, which is a likely choice for Apple, and I think it suits this application well.

This is far from perfect, and excuse any minor design imperfections. I'm open to your suggestions on how to make this more intuitive, and more attractive. Also note this isn't meant to be entirely realistic, so please refrain from the 'Apple wouldn't do this' comments.



What's new?

  • Gradients adjusted all round, especially on the top bar
  • Fixed imperfections on rounded corners
  • Removed border around event bubbles, now looks significantly cleaner
  • Made it clear this is not a full screen app by filling out the status bar
  • Clarified that 'Lunch with Jony' is selected by adjusting gradient, adding a bold outline, and making it float
  • Some other minor tweaks

Original Version here: