Battery Life - This is ridiculous

After being unplugged for 3 hours, my Nexus 4 battery is down to 57% with 1hr, 20min of screen on time. Reception has been mostly full strength 4G HSPA, and brightness is at about 30%. Screen on time has been mostly Hangouts (text only, no video), Pocket, and Feedly. At this rate, I'll end up getting about 2.5hrs of screen on time with less than 10 hours of battery life, which is ridiculous.

Yesterday, my battery was dead in less than 12 hours, minimal usage. My power went out so I was using my phone to do a few internet searches to call the power company and to make a few calls, but overall, I probably had the screen brightness at around 20%. In retrospect, I should have turned background data off, but this seemed like a bit premature.

EDIT: About 2hrs of screen on time yesterday.

I'm constantly nervous about my battery life. I charge it at work which is fine, and that means that I leave work with 100% charge at 5PM so it lasts me all evening M-F usually. But weekends...if I'm away from a charger (as it was the case yesterday), then I'm SOL.

I just ordered a battery pack from Amazon that I can keep with me in case I need a recharge and I'm away from a wall outlet, but I definitely think battery life should have more of a focus. It's enough for me to want to upgrade my device to something else with improved battery life. Question is, will any of the other flagships offer a better experience? It would be interesting to see how an iPhone 5 would stand up to my usage...