Some hidden files/features I found in Windows 8.1

Here are some system files that I found in the "C:\Windows\System32" directory:

"SlideToShutDown.exe" - There were lots of compaints from people who couldn't figure out how to shutdown/restart there computer using Windows 8. From the name alone, it sounds like this might be a new way to shutdown your computer using touch. Maybe holding the power button like you would do with a Windows Phone, and then sliding the screen down to confirm the shutdown?

"phoneactivate.exe" - No idea what this could be, but this file doesn't exist in the current Windows 8 system. This file is new in Windows 8.1 and the name suggest it has something to do with phone integration. What the word "activate" implies is left unanswered.

Update: Looked into the file's code. This file actually has to do with how the Windows 8.1 license is activated by telephone. My guess is that this helps fix some of the telephone exploits people were using to activate illegal copies of Windows 8. :)

"EmbeddedAppLauncher.exe" - Not too sure about this one. Might have to dig into the actual code this file contains, but it could potentially be related to the "Kiosk Mode" that will restrict the operating system to running one single app.

"EscSetup.exe" - "ESC" is an acronym for "Enterprise Client Sync". The icon for this file is the same as Skydrive. This is without a doubt the business version of Skydrive for business users. Businesses will be able to have their own private file storage which will make it easier to share and store files across the business.

"CloudNotifications.exe" - This is the most important file in my opinion. Since Microsoft is focusing on the entire ecosystem, chances are that Microsoft's solution to a notification center will be integrated across all devices in the cloud. This file is proof of that. To the Windows Phone users, this file explains why a notification center will not be coming in the GDR2 and GDR3 updates. A unified notification center is a lot more work, and the windows "blue" updates are the updates that are catering to ecosystem integration. The GDR updates are more focused on fixes and improvements, not new features.

Update: Did some digging into the CloudNotifications code. The system works off of Skydrive and the settings are located in the new Metro Control Panel.

"wifidisplay.dll" - The obvious functionality of this file is native Wifi-Display integration. If the new Xbox supports Wifi-Display, we could be extending our metro apps on our phones and computers to our TV with ease in the near future.

I have not seen any articles mentioning any of these files/features, so I hope they helped give some ideas to what we can look forward to in the Windows 8.1 update. :)