Would you like AirDrop for iOS 7 to look like this?

So I frequently transfer files between my Mac and iPhone, and currently I do it via email, or iMessage. Obviously there's a better solution and Apple has already created it: AirDrop! They just need to bring it to iOS now.

READ THIS: I've never actually used AirDrop so forgive me for any inaccuracies or mistakes, please comment and point this out since I'll be making revisions to this mockup. This is the first basic "alpha", proof of concept, first draft kind of stage so throw all your constructive critique at me and I'll revise until we're all satisfied!

Here's Federico Viticci's take on it:

Sharing files between computers and mobile devices on the same local network shouldn't require uploading an item to Dropbox or, worse, sending it via email or iMessage when the recipient is only a few feet away. I've always been a fan of AirDrop, and I use it constantly to share documents and folders. AirDrop for iOS could be its own app, available for free from the App Store or pre-installed in iOS 7, or a new widget/Home screen layer capable of receiving and sending documents to other Macs and iOS devices. AirDrop for iOS would use "Open In" to send files to other apps, and it would essentially be a bridge between desktop content and mobile apps that doesn't require uploading files to the cloud.

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So for iOS the obvious place to put AirDrop would be in the Share Menu, which I believe was introduced in iOS 6.


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Here you see the Share Menu in Pages, I've omitted several possible share options to highlight AirDrop. And yes, the icon is hideous but it's not really a part of my mockup, I made this simply to indicate how AirDrop would be initiated.


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Pressing AirDrop would bring up this window. Talk me through this guys, should the document be somewhere else? Should the Cancel button be framed, should I change the radio waves? In the event that a huge amount of people have AirDrop open you can pan around to find the right person.


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Tapping a person animates to this view where you confirm the intention to send them the document, image or whatever.


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If you tap Send you get this view which is basically a short animation to illustrate to the user that the document is being sent, eye candy if you will. This is a really short animation and the window closes automatically, if you don't want to se the animation you simply tap outside the window.

FEEDBACK!!! :D I have so many alternative versions in my head of this, but rather than wasting time on creating every single one, I'd like to use your feedback to create just one which is perfect!