Why GDR2 will dissapoint

Most users are eagerly looking forward to the new WP8 updates. As I understand from the articles (mostly from ZDNET and The Verge):

- GDR2 - summer

- GDR3 - fall

- Blue - 2014 sometime

Most users I know are a little frustrated at absolutely no word from MS on what fixes are coming in GDR2, but it seems the biggest fix is CalDAV and CardDAV and oh yeah FM too. Simply awesome /s

So nothing for the most wanted fixes:

- Notification center (and dont yell me down that you dont need one, you might not but a lot of others do)

- Skype integration

- 1080 support

I dont know but this seems pretty disappointing to say the least. I love Nokia phones and I wanna buy one, but WP has made it nearly impossible.

Source: http://www.zdnet.com/theres-good-news-and-bad-news-for-windows-phone-business-users-7000015563/