What do you like?

I'm the first one to say when MS have made a mistake or have done something I'm not keen on and firmly believe that constructive criticism is needed to build a better product "Windows 8 sucks" is not really what I thinking of here. I also understand that some people simply do not like what MS are doing and genuinely feel let down and the only place where other people can hear those opinions are on forums such as these.

At the same time I look at the number of posts of the Tribe about how MS has big problems or how Windows Phone is failing and it makes me a little sad that we as technology lovers are so giving with our criticism but very limited with our praise unless it's in a flame war where we do it out of principle rather than actually want.

Let's see if we can get on conversation going about what we like about MS technology, You may not be seen as the "cool" kids for using Windows 8 or carrying a Windows Phone but what is it that makes you use or carry it in the first place?

So without slamming another product or company, What do you like about a Microsoft products?

I Like: The new drive & innovation that Microsoft are showing with their products.

Disclaimer: This is not a thread for fan boys or is it a thread to vent your criticism, there are plenty of those already. It's not a place to start a war because somebody likes something you don't or doesn't like something you do.