Android Army gains a convert

And it is all thanks to the Nexus 7. (Warning:tl;dr)

Why would Google take a hit on profits to produce, at the time, the best tablet per dollar on the market? Why sell a tablet for 199/249 that outperforms many of it's brethren that cost 1/3 more than it does? Why not just raise the price to make more on the hardware at the expense of some sales? The answer, without sounding grandiose, is me.

Some background:

I have been an iOS user since 2007. I walked into an AT&T store in '07 and plopped down the dough for an iPhone OG. I had seen the future, and this was it. I can combine my phone and iPod, watch video, and web browse on my cell Phone? I was interested when Android hit the scene, but my hands on with early versions of android.....left me wanting is a nice way to put it. Like many early iPhone adopters, my experience of early android devices made me stick with iOS for years. I upgraded the the 3GS when it was released, then the 4S after that. Before the flaming starts, let me say that I wasn't totally against Android. I'm a gadget freak, so I noticed when iOS would "borrow" a feature or two. The problem was that I had seen the early versions, so when upgrade time rolled around, I couldn't imagine keeping an android phone for 2 years. After receiving my Nexus 7, I was smitten. Jelly Bean hadn't just caught up with iOS, it had surpassed it .

Bringing it all together:

That $250 trojan horse Google shipped to my doorstep had captured me. ME! A guy who had 3 iterations of iPhone and had no plans to ever get an android phone, now has an HTC One. It was a gamble, but I think it was a forward thinking move by Google. Try and capture market share in the long term by sacrificing short term profit.

Private Bandit reporting for duty